I am thinking of selling my house but I really want to sell it quickly, should I find an estate agent or can cash only buyer be a good solution. Which option should I choose? This is the sort of question that we get asked often. There is no right or wrong choice here because much depends on your specific needs.

For example, if you’ve got a house in popular sort after UK location and you are willing to wait for sale to go through, and don’t mind if it doesn’t, then, surely choosing a estate agent may be ideal. On the other hand, if you’ve got a property that requires repairs, or you are in a position where time is of essence, the benefits of selling a house for cash can be a great option for you to consider. Before accepting a cash offer on your UK house, here’s the critical consideration that must strongly be considered:

What Classifies a Buyer as a Cash Buyer?

In United Kingdom, many property buyers claim to be cash buyers, but they are not because if a company needs to find the cash funds to purchase a property, that means they don’t have the CASH READY. These type of buyers:

  • Borrow money from others such as third party financiers and investors
  • Apply for loan or mortgage secured against the very property they are buying
  • Refinancing a personal assets to raise the cash
  • Borrowing against stocks bonds and securities

Basically, if the money is not liquid and available, then how can the buyer be classified as a cash buyer? They can not, because a real cash buyer such as 365 Property Buyer has the cash at hand, we use our own cash funds, so there is no loans, mortgages, financiers or other investors for us to purchase your property. Just cash.

Main Advantages of Accepting a Cash Offer on House

Unlike other methods of selling a property, cash offer (made by genuine cash buyer such as our company) is almost guaranteed to close the sale. There is no hassle when you work with our professional team as we assist you throughout the entire selling process. Using our in-house underwriting team and experienced Law Society Property Lawyers, we offer fast and effective solutions when others fail to deliver. Our experience and dedication for providing exceptionally fast service allows us to be one of the fastest cash buyers in UK.

Save Time Save Money

Fast Property Cash Buyer

You heard the saying “to make money, you have to invest money” this may be case for some people, however, what if time and money is limited and a property owner doesn’t want to spend thousands and thousands of pounds just to break even? This is more common than people think because most UK estate agents usually don’t want to sell houses when they hear the home-owner say they are having these types of issues with the property:

Some of the UK properties we have bought are of non-traditional construction or have structural defects, are severely damaged by flood or fires, suffered from infestations, Japanese Knotweed, subsidence, heave or other issues that makes these types of properties extremely difficult to sell in the open market, and also un-mortgagable.

To sort out any of the above reasons before selling, naturally its going to require time and cost money before potential buyers will even view the property. However, advantage of selling to a cash buyer like 365 Property Buyer is that we will buy any house in any condition in any location throughout the United Kingdom. And usually complete the sale within days and have your cash transferred to your pocket sooner than any other form of house sale in UK. Providing transparent services is important for us, that is why, you can choose to instruct your own solicitors, or we can instruct a law society regulated firm for you and we will even cover the cost of their fees.

When We Say Quick We Mean It

Despite what anyone says, not being able to get rent from a tenant who refuses to pay will cost huge losses each day, as our valued customer with buy-to-let property wanting quick sale, is now happy with problem sorted within days.

Our experience, understanding the needs of our customers, and transparency in communication what sets us apart, our mission is to make sure that its our customer who benefit from the sale according to their requirements.

Two Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Cash Offer for your Home

  • Where is the Cash Coming From? If the cash buyer does not have cash ready, this will mean that financing will always be expensive and timely
  • What type of properties do you buy for cash? Some cash buyers will only purchase houses where they know they don’t need to spend any money for selling it again.

The reason these are two of the most important points to remember is that you want to get the best deal from the sale. Because when you are considering to accept the offer from a cash buyer, you want to make sure that you are actually dealing with a authentic cash buyer. This will definitely place you at an advantage so that you get the best possible outcome for yourself. (Note: we’ve written great information such as and ).

Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer for Your House

As we’ve bought all types of properties in UK, providing great service for many years, we beleive that the real beneficiaries are our valued customers because here’s what they had to say about the benefits of using 365 Property Buyer services:

  • Security of sale, and a quick sale
  • I was fed up with ongoing repairs to a rental property. 365 Property Buyer bought with the tenant in situ
  • Straightforward, better than selling via an estate agent
  • Having inherited a run dow terrace house which was further copper stripped. 365 took it as is. Kept me informed and paid my legal fees
  • We were let down by a Local estate agent, then messed around by a cash buying company who were not cash buyers. We and gave them 7 days to buy it, they did

You too can speak with our professional team of experts by calling us on 0800 019 7031 and get an instant cash offer for your house by pressing on the button below