We often get asked this question “What are the advantages of selling my house for cash?” “” and quite honestly, the answer for this question can vary greatly for each individual to a degree that when a property is sold to cash buyer, it can actually be seen as a life saver depending on the situation the seller is in (for example: or trying to sell a ). Generally, the main advantage is that the completion of the sale is fast, and once you accept a , you can get your money within days as opposed to months such is the case with estate agents selling a typical UK property.

Sale of the Property is Assured

When selling to cash buyer, you’ll avoid the usual scenario which typically happens when Brits go about buying homes “You choose the traditional estate agent option when selling a house, all sounds great at the beginning and you are sure that your house, your castle, will be sold in no time because it’s in a much better condition than your neighbour down the street who is also selling their home, let’s say Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, and after few months of waiting you get a potential buyer who views the house, falls in love with it, and they can’t wait to buy it”. At this stage, you are assured of the sale, so you think.

Because, it is a very familiar case in UK that last minute withdrawal from a sale by potential home buyers occurs due to various reasons ranging from:

  • Buyer couldn’t get a loan
  • Buyer changes their mind
  • Buyer purchases another property

With cash buyers on the other hand, you get cash quickly; no waiting, no hassles, and the typical house sale can do through within days (really).

You Need Not Spend Money on House Repairs for Selling

UK House Damaged by Fire Just imagine this UK property damaged by fire, and that the owner is now determined on selling? There is no doubt many thousands of pounds is needed for repairs just to be able to get it on the market. Property owner in this situation can keep their own money in their pocket and find it really beneficial to sell it to a cash buyer, as is, as we buy any property in any condition anywhere in UK.

Can Avoid Home Repossession by Banks Due to Mortgage Payments in Arrears

Nobody likes the banks when they threaten to repossess a home due to missed repayments, but this happens due to unexpected circumstances such as tenant hasn’t paid rent in months for a rented property, or due to increases in unstable UK interest rates (especially due to Brexit). It is unfortunate no doubt, but the reality with the banks is that, they are mostly interested in recouping what’s owned to them. That means, they will often just sell the property as fast as possible without truly considering the needs of the home owner.

To avoid such situations, cash-only buyer can be a great advantage because not only we can purchase your property for cash quickly, we may be able to immediately assist by providing funds so that mortgage repayments are back in order. This will prevent the foreclosure and losses.

Convenience is another Advantage of Selling a House for Cash

When convenience and peace of mind is important, benefits of selling your house for cash can’t be ignored, also, in comparison to other cash-buyers 365 is a family operated UK company with over 80 years combined experience in the property sector. Our team have worked in Surveys, Auctions, Lettings, Estate Agency, Property development and Investment. This ensures that the entire selling process is handled with utmost professionalism and that our valued customers are the ones who benefits from selling a house for cash.

Keep in mind that these are just few of the advantages, and despite the many benefits; it’s still a good idea to consider true cash buyers as there are many other UK companies who act as Estate Agents or as a House Buyers Bureau, we at 365PropertyBuyer use our own cash funds, we do not rely on loans, mortgages, third party financiers or outside investors to purchase properties. This means that we can focus on providing great value and service for our valued customers (read more about ) and simply press on the button below to find out how you’ll be benefiting when selling