An empty house is always a worry with both security, repair, council tax and at this time of the year the risk of frozen and burst pipes with the inset of below zero temperatures.
If the house has central heating keeping it on at a low heat reduces the risk, although pipes without insulation or buried in the wall or under floors could still be prone to freezing.At 365 Property Buyer, we recommend having the heating on, along with regular inspections of the property, but this method comes with risk.

The alternative favoured by insurance companies (if you can get empty property insurance) is to drain down the system and turn the water off at the stopcock. While this will stop the risk of a burst pipe, the property will become damp and cold with the risk of mould growth, and not the ideal way to show potential buyers.

Neither solutions are perfect and put simply are another worry of holding an empty property.

Selling to 365 Property Buyer

If you currently have an empty property, are paying endless council tax, have the trouble of having to inspect it or becoming frustrated with agents and simply want a quick sale, 365 Property Buyer will make a formal offer within 24 hours, along with a completion to suit your needs.