Unfortunately, modern living does come at a cost as fly tipping is often evident by the road side, a few bags of rubbish, maybe a sofa or an old TV.

While a danger to wildlife and unsightly it doesn’t cause direct harm to a homeowner until your property is vacant and targeted by fly-tippers, unlicensed house clearance contractors, neighbours and tenants on the street.

Vacant property is often targeted by fly-tippers as it saves time and money in disposing of rubbish either in a skip or the local council waste recycling facility.

Council waste refuse centres are free for normal domestic waste. However, as councils come under increasing pressure to reduce costs, many are now limiting the amount of waste you can take with charges being implemented per kilo of waste dumped.

A medium sized skip at £100 and council charges for excess waste combined with reduced bin collections put householders under increasing pressure to find ways of getting rid of their rubbish – vacant homes are a common target.

Apart from the hassle of having to clean and clear a fly tipped yard or garden what other problems could there be?

  • Vermin, rats, cockroaches, flies, maggots
  • Diseases, germs, viruses, infections, bug & fly bites
  • Complaints from neighbours, police and environmental health
  • De valued property with increased risk of break-in, vandalism, copper stripping
  • Statutory notice served under Section 4 of the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949
  • Contamination, this is other people’s rubbish, nappies, needles, rotting food, broken glass, rotting food, toiletries

Once a notice has been served by the Local Authority, if the site is not cleared within a set time, the Local Authority will fine, prosecute and apply for a charging order if the fine isn’t paid.

If your vacant property has been fly-tipped and you are sick and tired of dealing with it, 365 Property Buyer will buy it as is, contact our friendly team for a formal cash offer.