Fastest way to sell your house in United Kingdom is through a cash buyer, and the short answer to this question of how quickly can a house sale be completed in UK?

Contracts can be exchanged as quickly as 5 days.

Here’s How Fast 365 Property Buyer Completes the Sale for Our Valued Customers

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  • Formal offer confirmed within 24 hours of independent valuation
  • Contracts can be exchanged often as fast as 5 days

There are Usually 3 Different Ways UK Property Can Be Sold

  1. Through Estate Agents
  2. Sell It Yourself Without an Estate Agent
  3. Through a Cash Buyer

Through an Estate Agent

Auction Sign Outside UK House
In UK, most houses and other type of properties are sold through an estate agent, all you would need to do is simply search for your local estate agent around where you live and inquire about their services. Keep in mind that, although estate agents are popular option when selling houses, the entire process can be lengthy (on average it can take more than 6 months) and the £ £ commissions they charge can be hefty.

How to sell your house without an estate agent

Although rare, some homeowners in UK choose to sell their own property, so let us now provide you with a guideline should you decide to go it alone and do it yourself.

Find out the Market Value of Your Home

To do this, you could search online for estate agent websites and UK property portals, or even check listings in your local newspapers and local estate agents for houses with similar characteristics as yours to get an idea of the current Market Value of your house. This is important because what you may think about the actual value may be higher or lesser than the current market value (although the actual value will depend on individual property features).

Time to Advertise and Market Your House

Now that you have an asking price, its time to let potential buyers know about the property you have up for sale. There are many options available to you, you could use the internet sites to advertise your property for a small fee, or even try local newspaper adverts. Above all else, make sure that you pay attention to taking highest quality photos of your house and detail what’s around the property and city / town (e.g. schools, transport options, doctors, hospitals, lifestyle features such as shops markets restaurants etc.)

Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC is required every time a home is put up for sale and a seller must have one to show to potential buyers. Learn more about Energy Performance Certificate or apply for it here

Time to Meet Potential House Buyers

Now that you’ve got the basics in place, when an ideal buyer is interested in purchasing your house, they will want to view it. So make sure you plan ahead and arrange a suitable time both for yourself and also the potential buyers. It is wise to spend bit of time to clean and tidy your house and make it visually appealing as well. Follow our tips.

365 Property Buyer Tip: when selling your own house, consider, giving your property a new paint job and attending to your garden so that it’s lively and has refreshing seasoned flowers.

All potential buyers will want to negotiate a better price, although you won’t be selling houses every day, just realize that it’s still a trade you are making, be firm but reasonable in terms of the lowest price you are willing to sell your property for.

Now that all parties are comfortable with the sale and price of the property, you can bring in your solicitor who will be able to assist with the completion of the sale and exchanging of contracts.

Fastest Way a House Sale Can Go Through in UK is Through a Cash Buyer

Unlike estate agents who usually have multi-billion dollar interests in keeping the UK house market under tight control, cash buyers of properties can be life savers when you want to sell your property FAST. Having said that, we often hear questions like ? And we believe that there are many good reasons to sell (particularly, if time and finances are important considerations).

How quickly can a cash house sale go through?

In most cases within days, and no other form of property selling option can deliver completion of sale like a cash buyer. Because we have the resources (cash ready for you) and work with registered professionals, basically, we handle everything from the start.

That means, you don’t have to spend money renovating your house for the market, you don’t have to wait months and months for your house to be marketed and sold, instead, get money in your bank account within days. Simply call us on 0800 019 7031 or get an instant cash offer by finding out