Selling a house can be a very stressful experience and can often drag on for many months for various different reasons. We are here to advise you that this need not be the case. Yes, we know there are now hundreds of online property buyers to choose from, and there are also many UK estate agents offering to list your home for sale with a promise of a quick turnaround, and some even claim to offer to buy your home for cash.

You may feel tempted to sell your house to any “quick sale” company. Why? Because they claim a quickest way to sell your property, the problem is that only a few actually deliver when it comes to actually selling a house fast.

Before you choose a seller, we encourage you to read the suggestions below, as it will help you make informed decisions so that you can make sure that you benefit from selling your home and the entire process works fast, and in your favour. For that reason, we have detailed answers to the most important questions you might have.

Quick House Selling Companies Compared to a Cash Buyer?

House Selling Companies in United Kingdom

What most quick House Selling Companies do is act as a 3rd party to help you sell your house by getting you in touch with other interested buyers or investors who may purchase your property. This process itself can also take a while, not to mention the finder’s fees or commissions which will be added to your bottom line.

Cash Buyer of UK Properties

Companies like ours 365 Property Buyer are authentic cash buyers, that means, you can have cash in your bank account usually within days. The benefits of choosing a cash buyer is that there are no middle man, no need to look for investors with money to finance the purchase of your property.

But the thing is, not all cash buyers are what they claim to be, meaning, most of them online claim that they are cash buyer of UK property, and yet, they do NOT have the finances / cash to buy the property (instead, as soon as they convince the homeowner to sign agreements / contracts, they begin to look for the money to buy your property). And we’ve even seen some cash buyers who aren’t the actual buyer themselves, but rather, they introduce you to other buyers, and then charge you large commissions without you knowing who actually is doing the buying.

We are also aware that there are other important factors to consider before you make a successful sale such as:

What Protection Do You Get Before Selling Your Home

In honesty, the quick house buying market in UK is not regulated. What does this mean to you? This means you may not have any protection when selling your house to most other cash buyers. However, we have good news. Before you explore using the services of any other quick cash property sale company, check that if they are adhering to The Property Ombudsman code of practice and processes for dispute resolution. You’d be pleased to know that our registered company 365 Property Buyer is a long term member of The Property Ombusdman UK.

Is Cash Buyer the Right Move When Selling Fast?

UK Pound Money

Frankly, only you can answer this question as you may have already explored (or even listed with estate agents to no avail) or you are in a situation where you want money, now. The main difference when selling your home through the usual channels like contracting through UK estate agents compared to a fast cash buyer is “time”.

Because you do not need to wait for your money as it can paid to you within days. Our advice is that if your property for sale is in immaculate condition, does not need repairs or renovations, is within a sought after UK location and you do not mind waiting many months for the sale to go through, then, exploring other options for selling your house quickly will be ideal.

On the other hand, here are some of the reasons why people choose to sell to a cash buyer of property.

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