Do you own  property that requires you to sell it quickly? Have you had an estate agent list your house for sale and after many months the sale didn’t go through or fallen through ? You are not alone as selling a house quick in a slow UK property market can be a challenge in 2019. Especially when the house you have is not exactly the house typical buyer maybe looking for. In this article we will answer this time old question “how to sell your house fast in a slow market”.

We Buy Any House in Any Condition Anywhere in the UK for Cash

Not all houses for  can be sold quickly by utilising the services of your local estate agent or auctioneers since much will depend on the type of property you are wanting to sell and the condition it currently is in. If you want fastest possible sale for your house, then you need to consider the services of a cash buyer. Why? Because this is the fastest way to sell a house in the UK as it eliminates the regular channels which often take many months of waiting. Not to mention the fact that some properties can’t actually be sold through regular channels such as estate agents.

Most cash buyers in the UK aren’t actually what they claim to be, meaning, unknown to you, most cash buyers actually do not have the cash but rather:

  • Try to borrow money from others such as property investors
  • Apply for mortgage secured against your property which they are thinking of purchasing
  • Refinance personal assets to raise the money to buy your house

Authentic cash buyers like our family owned company 365 Property Buyer has the cash in hand, we use 100% of our own cash funds, so there are no loans, mortgages, financiers or other investors for us to purchase your house fast. That means, you save time which in itself is a gain that eliminates hassles.

Most people including family and friends will tell you to speak with an estate agent who can provide advice and help, that is actually a great advice because that’s what estate agents do, provide advice to list houses, although not fast as you would want if you want to sell your house for any of these reasons

Sometimes Estate Agents Aren’t the Best Option for Quick House Sales

UK House Fire Damaged Sold Fast by 365 Property Buyer

Can you imagine how much time and money the homeowner who had the unfortunate fire event destroying their home would waste trying to get an estate agent to sell their house similar to the one in the above sample image? Its not going to happen. In fact, cash only buyer can quickly provide assistance and advice so that you can easily find solutions which suit your specific needs and wants.

There are many good reasons to choose cash buyers when selling a house, and one of the most critical aspect is time. Can property Title be exchanged and contracts completed and money deposited in your bank account within days? With 365 Property Buyer Yes as we’ve helped many house and property owners get rid of their troubles in shortest possible time frame. We’ve bought properties throughout UK including Wales, North East, UK North West, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, West Midlands, Midlands, East Midlands, East of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East UK, Greater London, South West of England

How to Sell Your House Fast in UK

365 Property Buyer’s mission is to simplify the process for our valued customers so that it is you who benefits the most. That is why, the process of selling properties quickly can be as simple as these three easy steps simplified below

Step 1 Get your FREE online indicative offer within 60 seconds

All you need to do is enter your property details including the estimated value which you believe your property is worth, if you don’t know the value, we can provide a free independent valuation within 24 hours. Your instant online indicative offer is confirmed by text, email and also shown online.

Step 2 You’ll receive formal offer which can be confirmed within 24 hours of independent valuation

We believe that the indicative offer is within an acceptable range for you. To get your formal fixed offer, simply reply sell by text or email, or simply call our sales team free on 0800 019 7031 to receive your formal offer, this is our offer to purchase your property and will be confirmed within 24 hours following an independent valuation.

Step 3 contracts can be exchanged as quickly as 5 days

Once the offer is accepted our sales team will prepare a sales memorandum confirming the purchase price, property address and solicitors details for you and your solicitor. You can choose to instruct your own solicitors or we can instruct a law society regulated firm for you (we will even cover their fees). Exchange and completion dates are agreed and can be as quickly as 5 working days if required.

That’s How Fast Your Property Can Be Sold

We want to inform all our website visitors that there’s a better way through which you can skip the long queue because your time and well-being is important for you. 365 Property Buyer is a family operated company with over 80 years combined experience in the UK property sector. This allows us to provide a service that no other cash only property buyer in UK can provide, and that is, just fast cash for your UK property. We understand that not all house sales needs to be complicated and time consuming and that you really can sell your house quickly to 365 Property Buyer.

For further information call us now on 0800 019 7031 or simply get the process started by pressing on the button below