Land in Market Drayton Purchased in 14 Days

Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Land Average Condition Release Equity 14 Days

The vendor was a Public Limited Company, that had come by the Market Drayton land after a merger of some brewery businesses.

The land was possessory title* and consisted of 12 acres of grassland. The local marketing agents had reported back there was little interest and that the only buyer was a local Market Drayton owner who had offered a low price (and was retained by the agent as he’s land agent!).

365 Property Buyer were asked to offer on it by the Company. We carried out due diligence and offered £25,000 more than the agents buyer and when dealing with 365 Property Buyer no fees are taken.

Possessory Title

Typically, possessory titles may be granted where the owner claims to have acquired the land by adverse possession. Alternatively, it may be where the owner cannot produce documentary evidence of title to an estate for some reason to the Land Registry.

Grassland in Market Drayton England

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