Terraced House in Preston Purchased in 14 Days

Terraced House
Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Terraced House Average Condition Inherited 14 Days

Having inherited the property in Preston, Lancashire, the beneficiary decided to add value by fully refurbishing the property.

The seller living out of the area and being in full time employment meant that timescales and motivation started to wane.

After 18 months with a partly finished house, which was not to a great standard, and with the rest of the house ripped out, with no kitchen or bathroom, the ongoing cost of council tax and Building Insurance began to bite. Prompted by a lack of money to finish the project off, the seller approached local estate agents.

The agents were negative and had no clear plan to sell the property, so the seller contacted 365 Property Buyer. We made an offer within 24 hours and completed the sale in under 14 days.

map shows red pin on Preston city of UK

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This Preston Terraced House sold in 14 days, If you are looking for a quick house sale, give us a call on 0800 019 7031 or get in touch.

We are a UK Property Buying Company that purchases property quickly, we also make the process of selling your home to 365 Property Buyer very straightforward & our current average completion time for any type of property (not just Terraced House's) is 15 days.