Semi-Detached House in Croydon Purchased in 20 Days

Semi-Detached House
Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Semi-Detached House Average Condition Sheltered Accommodation 20 Days

The large Croydon property was a larger than average semi detached house surrounded by lower value terraced houses.

The location was split between Waddon and Croydon but well served by local train services and a modest walk into Croydon Town Centre.

The owner was a retired “special effects” inventor, who through a lifetime of developing props for the stage and film industry had trialled some of his inventions throughout the house.

The property had a dangerous electrical system, large amounts of hoarding and floor joists had been dangerously cut to accommodate wiring.

The family needed a quick sale following their fathers move into sheltered accommodation and approached 365 Property Buyer (unlike other house buying companies in UK, we actually have the experience and we can pay cash, fast. To learn more visit our Frequently Asked Questions section)

The property was valued, and a formal offer was made within four days of contacting us. Although an unregistered title the family had instructed panel Solicitors recommended by us which prevented extensive delays and we paid their legal fees of £500.

The expert Solicitors reported to ours promptly allowing the sale to complete in just 20 days, a genuine fast house sale in Croydon.

map focusing Croydon a large town in south London

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