Bungalow in Great Broughton Purchased in 14 Days

Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Bungalow Poor Condition Failed Survey 14 Days

The sellers sought a quick cash buyer in Great Broughton, South Yorkshire, having had numerous aborted sales fall though following negative survey reports. All of the sub floor base was contaminated with sulphate bearing hardcore (slag ash) causing the ground floor to swell, heave and split, causing further damage to internal walls. Combined with the property requiring complete renovation it was just too much for the local buyers to take on.

The local agent had put up another buyer to the brother and sister and promoted them as the “preferred buyer”, a friendly investor of the agents, although they needed money from the sale of another property sale to proceed! They had made a higher offer than 365 Property Buyer, but let the sellers down time after time failing to meet exchange of contracts deadlines. The sellers decided to accept our genuine quick cash offer and by dealing direct with 365 Property Buyer no agents fees needed to be paid.

The sellers on advice of their solicitor accepted 365 Property Buyer’s offer for the Great Broughton bungalow who proceeded and concluded the sale in 14 days including registration of a unregistered title.

Sulphate damage to concrete floors

Sulfate-bearing hardcore is derived from colliery spoil, known as red shale or slag ash.

It was used in the construction of large numbers domestic properties where the availability of slag was plentiful in the period 1945 – 1970 as a fill without using a damp proof membrane, between the hardcore and concrete for the floor slab.
The long-term result has been a continuing occurrence of damage to floor slabs and abutting walls as sulphate from the hardcore fill has attacked the overlying concrete when it becomes wet.

Bungalow Great Broughton England

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