Bungalow in Staveley Purchased in 21 Days

Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Bungalow Average Condition Financial Problems 21 Days

The property, located in Staveley, was a long-term development project and would either be knocked down or modernised. The rear coal yard development has passed planning for two, new-build properties.

The bungalow was rented, at a below-the-market figure, to a friend of the vendor. The site had become heavily overgrown, while awaiting and negotiating the purchase of further back gardens.

The bank had revalued the development and put pressure on the vendor to sell. As it stood, it was not suited to a high street agent and a property auction had failed to sell it, so 365 Property Buyer were asked to buy it.

Our valuations team quickly formalised an offer which was accepted and we bought the Staveley bungalow, tenanted, for a quick cash sale in 21 days.

Bungalow close to road in Staveley village of England

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