Cottage in Bideford Purchased in 21 Days

Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Cottage Fair Condition Release Equity 21 Days

The property was a small, traditional, fisherman’s cottage. The sellers had sought an opinion from Bideford local estate agents and it became clear it would take some time to sell. The local estate agents were not equipped to deal with such a complicated sale.

There were three flying freeholds which caused sales to fall through as lenders refused to allow a mortgage.

365 Property Buyer were recommended to the vendor being the property buying company to call when your inherited property has “issues”.

365 Property Buyer bought the property in 21 days solving a long term sales problem for the beneficiaries who wanted to sell fast for cash.

Flying freehold

Flying is a legal term to describe a freehold which overhangs or underlies another freehold, meaning you don’t own either the above or below part. Common cases include a room situated above a shared passageway or a hallway in a semi-detached house, or a balcony which extends over a neighbouring property, or a larder within a kitchen.Lenders refuse lending as the flying freehold can create maintenance, insurance and neighbour issues that will effect the saleability of the property.

Cottage in Bideford England

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