Cottage in Cranbrook Purchased in 28 Days

Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Cottage Average Condition Broken Chain 28 Days

A local Cranbrook farmer who used to live in the house had been unable to sell his dated period home in need of modernisation. The selling agents advised the owner to rent the property at a low rent until the local market improved.

The owner agreed that a tenant could move in at low rent because the house was in need of modernisation, and could not be sold via private treaty on the open market.

Some years later the farmer decided to sell again and the tenant wanted to remain in occupation while the house was sold. This caused problems arranging viewings, a survey, and getting vacant completion for the new owners proved difficult. The buyer’s lawyers advised the buyer withdraw their offer and the sale fell through – a collapsed chain.

Sale by auction was the seller’s next move. However the property failed to sell by auction, and 365 Property Buyer contacted the auctioneers Auction House. A price was agreed and 365 Property Buyer exchanged contracts the same day followed by a 28 day completion of the sale.

The property was non-traditional construction, being single skinned brickwork, which would fail a survey and be un-mortgageable.

map shows Cranbrook and Cranbrook area

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