Terraced House in Hartlepool Purchased in 7 Days

Terraced House
Property Type Condition Reason For Sale Completion
Terraced House Average Condition Inherited 7 Days

The large, Victorian property in Hartlepool, had been inherited by 5 family members. They had tried to establish who was living in the property and the condition of it.

365 Property Buyer quickly found it was a housing benefit tenant and that she was refusing to pay any rent as the boiler was broken and there were countless other repairs.

When probate was granted, the local authority served an improvement notice listing category 1 hazards:

  • dampness
  • mould growth
  • rats, cockroaches and other infestations
  • blocked drains or problems with rubbish or sewage
  • faulty or dangerous gas or electrical appliances
  • defective electrical wiring
  • What was an inheritance was fast becoming a liability, with the added threat of prosecution, if the works were not carried out in days.

365 Property Buyer stepped in and bought the property, in cash, in just 7 days.

House in Hartlepool England

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