There are many benefits for selling your house to a cash buyer, as the service provided by legitimate UK property cash buyers such as 365 Property Buyer are exceptionally fast.

As you know, you could embark on many different avenues when wanting to sell your property, as most UK citizens believe that the only way to sell their properties for a good value is through an estate agent. However, just imagine trying to get an estate agent to sell this type of property as shown in the image below:

Structurally Damaged House

Now, surely, your property for sale may not be damaged or in need of repairs, but there may be many other different scenarios where you should sell your house to a cash buyer. The main reasons our valued customers have sold their property to us are listed below

When Should You Not Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer?

Indeed, not all cash house buyers are cash buyers: unfortunately, not all claims made by so called cash buyers are true, because most of them act as Estate Agents, or introduce you to 3rd-party buyers for large commissions, or they act as a House Buyers Bureau, and sadly, some of them are outright fly-by-night scammers. Therefore, you should take precaution before selling your home, just to anyone.

We are certain that you’d rather be working with well established legitimate cash buyer, and we also believe that you would rather avoid paying outrageous estate agency fees, and you do not want to wait months after months to get potential buyers showing interest just to disappoint you by not buying your house.

365 Property Buyer is a quick cash buyer, and, we can handle the entire sale process and pay cash for your property within days. We do not rely on outside investors, third parties, loans or other mortgages to buy UK properties. This leads to another important question. Where do we get the cash to buy your home?

Every property we purchase is bought with 100% of our own cash funds within the time scale that you require. There are no costs or fees when you sell a house to 365 Property Buyer and we can even pay your legal fees associated with the sale on completion of contracts.

Simply call us on 0800 019 7031 anytime to find out how we can assist when selling your property.

What Questions to Ask Cash Buyers

Here we have listed some of the important questions you can ask when selling your UK property for cash

  • How long has the Property Buying Company been in service?
  • How many home purchases have they done on a yearly basis?
  • Do they have immediate access to capital and how much?
  • Do they buy property for others or themselves?
  • Are they offering you their own cash? Or do they need to apply for a mortgage on your property?
  • What procedures do they have in place if you have questions or complaints?
  • Do you need to pay the fees for the valuation of your property?

By getting a simple Yes or No to the above questions will already identify if you need to go ahead with the sale of your property. If you are still uncertain, consider the following:

  • How well have they explained all the details – do you understand what the procedures are or were they unclear?
  • How well do they respond to your queries – are they professional and prompt?
  • Are they doing everything verbal – or important documents presented in writing?
  • What charges and fees are they asking you to pay?

If you are uncertain about these questions or don’t feel right with your interaction with other cash buyers, we recommend you contact us immediately. The truth is that you need to feel comfortable doing business with any company.

Consider Selling Your Property to Us for Cash

When you need quick cash funds and want to sell your property fast, we can help you achieve the better outcomes as we did our previous customers.

365 Property Buyer are a family operated company with over 80 years combined experience in the United Kingdom property sector, that means you can rest assured that we will provide you with best advice, and prompt service, simply call us on 0800 019 7031 or get an instant cash offer by pressing on the button below