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Before you instruct us to act in the sale of your property, please note:

365 Property Buyer typically complete on a standard property purchase in 2-3 weeks subject to survey and speed of sellers solicitors. We can complete purchases in as little as 5 days.

An independent RICS surveyor and local estate agent may be asked to provide a market valuation at our own cost.

As a professional property buyer, we do not pay the full market value of a property so a discounted cash offer will be made based on the market value, and any other factors that may affect the property.

Money Laundering Compliance is required by law and will be carried out as standard and on entering into the agreement and accepting our Terms of Business you are consenting to such a check being carried out.

We will not without your consent release or misuse confidential information given by you during the property sale process unless legally required to do so.

Our solicitors will keep clear records of all transactions for a period of 6 years.

You are free to use any solicitor of your choice and we will pay £500 towards their costs subject to legal completion.

Our agreement will remain in force for a period of 4 months from the date of the agreement signed by you. Should the agreement be terminated within the 4 month period then we will be at liberty to register a Unilateral Notice against the property at HM Land Registry to restrict the sale of the property within the period in which the agreement is in force to protect our interest and costs. The agreement can be cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period from the date the contract was entered into. If the agreement is terminated within the agreement term by the seller then we will be entitled to be reimbursed for all costs and expenses incurred by us to a maximum of £750.00 which will be chargeable at our discretion.

365 Property Buyer will never disclose, sell or otherwise make available any of your personal details or circumstances to any other person or company other than for the purposes of proceeding with the purchase of your property where we will need to provide certain details to solicitors and our Asset Managers to arrange access for valuation and survey purposes.

We will try to solve any disagreements or complaints quickly and efficiently and will acknowledge receipt of any complaint within 3 working days together with a full response within 15 working days. Should you wish to make a complaint please do so in writing. If, after following our formal complaints procedure you are dissatisfied with the responses from us you can direct any complaint to The Property Ombudsman.

365 Property Buyer are members of The Property Ombudsman scheme for dispute resolution and we are bound by their code of practice.

The Ombudsman can be contacted directly at the following address :
Property Ombudsman
Beckett House
4 Bridge Street
Wiltshire SP1 2LX

We will not discriminate against any person under the definitions of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 or the Race Relations Act 1976.

Disclaimer: Any offer made is subject to contract and survey and will be at a discount below market value. There is no cost or obligation at any stage of the process. 365 Property Buyer Butterworth Barlow House, 10 Derby St, Prescot L34 3LG

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